Urban Subdivision

The Urban Subdivision Process

The Urban Subdivision Process

Subdivision is when the legal boundaries of an area of land need to be changed

We've been managing land developments throughout Taranaki since 1881 so we know the subdivision process inside out. It can be a complex process but we take out the stress and save you money and time.

Download your free step by step subdivision flowchart to see how McKinlay Surveyors can help you to make the most of your property.

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Urban Land Development

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Subdivision is required whenever the legal boundaries of a parcel of land need to be changed. This includes residential, commercial, industrial, and crown land.

When thinking about subdivision, McKinlay Surveyors should be consulted in the first instance. McKinlay Surveyors are best placed to manage the entire project and coordinate the contributions of other professionals. McKinlay Surveyors can guide you through the process from the initial investigation to the issue of new land titles.

There may be multiple planning components needed for any project and we can help you with all of them. McKinlay Surveyors has considerable experience with the Resource Management Act and the planning process to ensure your subdivision is painless and simple.

From subdividing off your back section to new residential developments, adjusting property boundaries, or civil construction works, McKinlay Surveyors has the expertise to identify the key elements that will allow your land to be developed to your greatest advantage.

Expertise, Professionalism and Service.

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Urban Land Development
Our Urban Services

Our Urban Services

An initial consultation with a Registered Professional Surveyor is essential for anyone wanting to subdivide land. McKinlay Surveyors will understand your requirements and support you through the subdivision process.

Our Urban Land Development Services include

  • Subdivision for residential land use
  • Design for urban land development
  • Subdivision resource consent applications
  • Fee Simple or Unit Title subdivision
  • Land development civil engineering design
  • Site survey control and building line set-out
  • Project management

The Result – New and Better Uses for your Land

When the land transfer plan has been deposited the new land titles can be issued for the new lots on the plan. With the issue of new land titles the landowner is empowered to proceed with the intended use of the site, arrange required finance, and use the land as security for finance. The new lots can now be transferred to new owners - and so the community grows.

Engineering Survey and Design

We have the survey, design and management skills for your land development

No matter what size, your development requires the survey, design and management skills of a Registered Professional Surveyor. Utilising modem optical and electronic instruments, surveyors also provide site surveys and precise control for all civil and structural works. They are key professionals in all aspects of large and small engineering projects. 

Engineering Survey and Design Services include

  • Urban development and subdivision
  • Concept, design and planning
  • Topographical and 'as-built' surveys
  • Design of roads and drainage infrastructure
  • Construction project management
  • Supervision and contract administration
Engineering Survey and Design


"The most impressive thing with them is their contact with the local council, and their ability to get on top of the work and get stuff surveyed off, and to the requirements of council. I'd definitely recommend them to others. Their service is excellent."

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