Our Projects

Residential subdivision, boundary peg location, resource consent applications, civil construction site plans or project management.

Big or small, we go to great lengths for our customers so you can achieve your goals. Our experience covers just about every part of land surveying, shown by the projects below.

Taranaki Central Landfill

The Taranaki Central (Eltham) Landfill is being created for the discharge of domestic/household waste or general waste arising from conventional and commercial activities in the South Taranaki, New Plymouth and Stratford Districts. Preliminary earthworks are being undertaken to enhance the environmental performance and control potential nuisance effects arising from the landfill.

McKinlay Surveyors have supported the main contractor, undertaking surveying stake-out for road construction and earthworks across the site. We were also contracted to provide end-of-month as-built and volumetric surveys to evaluate site-works completed and total volume of earthworks for monthly progress payments.

Arthur Street Hawera

Arthur Street is located off Turuturu Road on the north side of Hawera. The surrounding environment is characterized by rural properties interspersed with several smaller rural-lifestyle blocks, all on the northeast periphery of the Hawera township. The landowner proposed to create three additional rural-lifestyle allotments of 1800m² each on the west side of Arthur Street.

McKinlay Surveyors prepared the resource consent application and completed the surveying and land transfer requirements for the subdivision. We also provided support to the landowner in consultation with South Taranaki District Council to ensure Council approval of the required survey and civil works for the subdivision.

Glover Road Hawera

On Glover Road, Hawera a 7-lot residential subdivision is being developed. The subdivision is down a shared right-of-way that separates the development from the Glover Road industrial area. The land contains a significant number of mature trees and a low-lying wetland that will be retained and enhanced.

McKinlay Surveyors is undertaking the surveying and land transfer requirements for the subdivision, as well as the civil design and contract supervision for services and construction of access to the lots. We also provide support to the developer in consultation with South Taranaki District Council to ensure Council-approval of the works.

Powerco South Taranaki

Powerco provides the vital infrastructure that connects homes and businesses with the electricity and gas they need. Powerco is New Zealand’s largest electricity distributor in terms of network length and has the second-largest number of electricity connections. Powerco employs 350 staff across branches in New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington and Tauranga.

McKinlay Surveyors is providing the necessary surveying support to Powerco for various projects around Taranaki. Most recently, we have undertaken pre-design topographical surveying and land acquisition surveying for a new substation at Mokoia, South Taranaki.

NPDC Floor Level Survey Waitara

New Plymouth District Council are modelling stormwater flows in and around the Waitara township to determine areas prone to flooding in severe storm events. As part of this investigation, Council required building floor level information for 700 properties identified as potentially at risk of inundation.

McKinlay Surveyors have provided support to Opus International Consultants to complete the field surveying and collect the building floor level information for Council. We are indebted to the many residents of Waitara who have all been friendly and accommodating throughout this exercise.

New Plymouth District Court

The New Plymouth District Court has undergone a major upgrade to building layout and security and included a revamp of the office space, courtrooms, access and public areas as well as more space for Taranaki's three judges. Prior to the renovations, two of the judges had offices in the neighbouring Atkinson Building.

McKinlay Surveyors prepared an as-built survey plan of the existing layout, buildings and landscape features as the basis for the design and integration of the new infrastructure.

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