Rural Subdivision

Rural Subdivision

Rural Subdivision

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Subdivision is often needed to support a change in land use

Rural subdivision is the division of larger areas of land into smaller units to allow more intensive land use for specific activities; or the rearrangement of land titles into blocks more appropriate to their actual or intended uses; or the amalgamation of adjoining blocks of land.

  • The sale of land or long-term lease of part of the land
  • Boundary adjustments between farm blocks
  • Rationalisation between pastoral and forestry land uses
  • Changes to horticultural use
  • Maori land title improvement and partition of interests

Our intimate knowledge of Taranaki, extensive training and practical training makes us the logical choice to coordinate your subdivision and planning.

We work closely with Taranaki Regional Council and the New Plymouth, Stratford and South Taranaki District Councils and can advise on District Plan matters and any rules and regulations you need to follow.

Expertise, Professionalism and Service.

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The Rural Subdivision Process

Subdivision is when the legal boundaries of an area of land need to be changed

We've been managing land developments throughout Taranaki since 1881 so we know the subdivision process inside out.

It can be a complex process but we take out the stress and save you money and time.

Only Licensed Cadastral Surveyors are legally empowered to undertake the subdivision of land, but this is just one step in the process. You will also likely need to engage the services of engineers, landscape designers, drainage specialists and lawyers.

Don't be overwhelmed. We can be involved right the way through and coordinate the different professionals at the right time, ensuring the smooth running of your project.

We can guide you from the initial investigation to the issue of new land titles - it's simple and easy with us.

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The Rural Subdivision Process
Our Rural Services

Our Rural Services

Our rural subdivision services include:

  • Rural subdivision
  • Boundary adjustments between rural landowners
  • Amalgamation of adjoining land parcels
  • Maori land title improvements and partition of interests
  • Road legalisation surveys
  • Topographical surveys for civil engineering design and road rehabilitation
  • Farm maps for productive land use

The Result – New and Better Uses for your Land

Rural subdivision can be the first and most crucial step in developing, intensifying or changing rural land use. Rural subdivision allows a diversity of lifestyles and land uses. Subdivision provides the landowner with the ability to improve or change the use of land, obtain new or more appropriate land titles, and to arrange or reorganize finance.

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Larry says...

Larry says...

"The most impressive thing with them is their contact with the local council, and their ability to get on top of the work and get stuff surveyed off, and to the requirements of council. I'd definitely recommend them to others. Their service is excellent."

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