Resource Consents

Managing the Resource Consent Process

Surveyors are Land Development Professionals

Surveying is the over-arching discipline that puts Registered Professional Surveyors in a unique position to see and understand and manage the interaction of all of the surveying, planning, civil construction and legal elements throughout the development process better than any other professional consultants.

Surveyors are called upon throughout all stages of land development. Surveyors provide the accurate, precise and up-to-date information pertaining to the location, boundaries, topography and legal status of land.

Surveyors work with landowners, property developers and their advisors, and provide the expertise to manage the key elements that will allow the land to be developed to greatest advantage.



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The Resource Consent Process

The Resource Management Act 1991 requires anyone wanting to subdivide or develop land to first obtain a Resource Consent from the local Territiorial Authority in accordance with the District Plan. Determining how the District Plan rules affect your proposal can be complex and McKinlay Surveyors can provide the professional help that you need.

Our Resource Consents services include

  • Development potential and feasibility studies
  • Preparing plans of the proposed subdivision layout
  • Writing the Resource Consent application
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects
  • Managing the consultation and input from other professionals
  • Landscape and visual assessments
  • Engineering and geotechnical assessments
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Subdivision Consents

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McKinlay Surveyors has a team of qualified professionals able to advise on many of the complex facets land development. Our Registered Professional Surveyors are the best people to manage Subdivision and Resource Consent applications on your behalf.

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Mark says...

Mark says...

"We were impressed with their efficiency. They have the contacts and the IT equipment to get information quickly and accurately, and that's what you need when you're in this type of business."

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