About McKinlay Surveyors

From the start of European settlement Surveyors have played a prominent role in the development of New Zealand. The Surveyor was the first professional on the land in the role of explorer, route-finder and map-maker.

McKinlay Surveyors have a proud history of Land Surveying and Subdivision in Taranaki. McKinlay Surveyors is successfully traced back to the partnership of Thomas Kingwell Skinner and Thomas Sole in 1881, although both surveyors were established in Taranaki before that date.

Along with our predecessors, we have been providing Surveying Services throughout Taranaki for 135 years. Local presence and knowledge means that we can draw on the expert insight needed to achieve the best outcomes for your land project.

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About Registered Professional Surveyors

The New Zealand Institute of Surveyors (NZIS) was established in 1888 as a body to preserve the quality, expertise and integrity of surveying in New Zealand, and to monitor and uphold the professional and ethical conduct of surveyors. A Registered Professional Surveyor is a member of NZIS recognised to have advanced competence, integrity, professionalism and ethics.

McKinlay Surveyors are Registered Professional Surveyors, and you can be assured that your surveying project will be carried out according to the rigorous standards set by the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors. 

At McKinlay Surveyors we pride ourselves on being accurate, efficient, and professional in all matters relating to our surveying business. We go to great lengths to provide every client with the best, most accurate, most up to date surveying advice on all land subdivision matters, so that your land project happens without complications and without delays. 

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About Collaboration

Collaboration and communication come first. At McKinlay Surveyors we will explain all of the facts, and we will disclose any known issues, so that you can confidently make informed decisions regarding your land development project. We offer all of our professional experience and knowledge to achieve the best outcome for your land. 

McKinlay Surveyors also work closely with Local Authorities, the Regional Council, and other professional consultants to ensure the smoothest possible transition through the resource consent, subdivision and development processes. Our Registered Professional Surveyors will guide you through the land development process and keep you informed every step of the way. 

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Roger says...

Roger says...

"I gave them the instructions for what I required, and they fulfilled that very speedily and carried out the operation without any issues and [ I ] found it very easy to deal with."

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